EFRE investment project

Investment project for the expansion and restructuring of the company Ing. Hugo Sampl GmbH

We found our motivation to implement this project through our aviation certification. We want to use this to further enter the aviation industry and generally use the growing mobility market to build up employees and increase the qualifications of our entire team. We cannot accept some orders at the moment because we do not have the necessary equipment, although we have the necessary know-how.

The following investments are made:

  • CNC 5-axis milling center
  • CNC turning center
  • suction system
  • 50 ton eccentric press
  • 16-axis spring winding center NF series

By investing in a 16-axis electronic spring-coil-bending center with an optimized user interface for easier handling for the operator, we want to produce springs faster, more flexibly and better. By investing in an additional machine, we want to relieve our currently fully utilized production and at the same time rely on the possibility of being able to manufacture a larger number of high-quality, profitable products. By investing in an eccentric press with electronically controlled roller feed for the automated production of blanks for bent parts and safety clips, we want to expand our competencies and possibilities for the production of special bent parts. The turning and milling centers for automatic,

After the project is completed, we want to create at least four new jobs, reach new customers in the aviation industry and generate new partnerships for high-quality products. In this way, we also make a decisive contribution in our region, as we want to continue developing as an attractive employer. The productivity of the entire company can be increased through the project, which increases resistance to crises and ensures that we can supply our customers with high-quality products and developments from Europe.

This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Link: www.efre.gv.at