Scientific work

Final, master’s or diploma theses : We offer specific topics and works for which we already have a goal that we want to achieve. But we are also open to your own ideas and self-considered topics. Regardless of whether it should be a scientific work in combination with an internship at our site or a scientific work during your studies with the possibility of remote working hours – everything is possible with us!

Works already completed:

  • Winding device for meander tapes
  • Force-controlled embossing press for lettering and beads
  • Introduction of sinking and wire EDM process
  • Development and implementation of test apps

Available topics:

  • Robot for handling parts for bending processes
  • Development of an autonomous storage system
  • Development of apps for work order creation directly at the employee
  • Machinery and workforce capacity planning
  • Development of the fully automatic bending process for rail fastening clips
  • Develop and implement a new management system to increase efficiency