Industry 4.0

Digitization through APPs

With the introduction of the EN9100 certification, some of our processes have also been digitized. Not only in production and quality assurance, but also administrative processes such as work preparation are handled by APPs specially developed for our company. These can be operated by employees using tablets, cell phones and computers, depending on the operational area and process.

The work preparation is carried out by an APP, which automatically reads data from our ERP system and, after the orders have been allocated and processed, automatically reads back the information from our order processing.

Our employees in production use our quality assurance APP to check the initial samples and to determine the manufacturing tolerances. Quality assurance during the subsequent production is also carried out via this APP, here it determines the required random sample and automatically outputs the required test plan. The respective employee records the measurement data in the APP, which enables an automated control of the correctness and, in the event of deviations, an automatic blocking of the products. The final inspection and the optical measurement of our products also feed their data into the test APP, and the generation of the final inspection sheet for our customers is then generated fully automatically.

Our warehouse for finished parts as well as the raw material and tools are also operated via our own APP. All warehouses are based on the chaos principle, which is advantageous for reasons of space on the one hand and for the handling of our employees on the other. By entering the respective article number, the associated tool, raw material or finished part can be easily found. An automated output of order quantities when minimum stocks are reached is also possible.

Automation through robotics

We are also pursuing constant further automation of our processes and procedures using robot technology. Both individual work steps during the manufacture of our products and the planning and commissioning of small systems for the fully automated manufacture of products are used in our company. The possibility of planning and manufacturing larger, fully automated systems for the production of large customer orders is also possible for us due to our large network of partners.